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Piero Golia: The Painter
Edited by Ines Goldbach, Piero Golia, and Lorenzo Micheli Gigotti.
With texts by Ines Goldbach, Piero Golia, Jonathan Monk.

The Painter—or what you might call a robot—improvises like an actor, generating unexpected narratives whilst nevertheless fulfilling a sort of choreography. Its creator, artist Piero Golia, directs and "speaks" unseen from under the stage, and remains more interested in the possibilities that the whole set may provide. In the same way, rather than a record, this book acts as a multiplier of narratives.

Format: 24×34 cm
Pages: 96
Language: EN/DE
Year: 2017
ISBN: 978-88-8056-003-6
Piero Golia: Desert Interviews or How to Jump Off the Roof and Not Hit the Ground
Edited by Lisa Mark. Texts by John Armleder, Andrew Berardini, Piero Golia, Pierre Huyghe, Richard Jackson, Emilie Renard, Eric Wesley.

In 2005, Piero Golia founded the Mountain School of Arts in Los Angeles with Eric Wesley. This limited-edition book, composed of discussions between artists, explores the development of the school and its methods

Paperback, 5.75 x 8.25 in. 100 pgs
Pub Date 1/31/2011
Out of print
ISBN 9783037641064 TRADE
The book "15 Years of the Mountain School of Arts" was created to celebrate the anniversary of the MSA^ program. It consists of images taken by previous MSA^ organizers, faculty, and students during their time at the school, as well as texts by Nana Bahlmann and Andrew Berardini. The book is a document of the many different shapes, forms, and people that have taken part in the program since its inception.

8.5 x 11 inches
Digital print on-demand
293 pages

Released January 2021